Theron - C++ concurrency library

Theron tutorial

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to learning Theron. The code examples that come with Theron are used as worked examples -- but you can read the tutorial just fine without referring to the code.

The basics

Hello world! Covers the basics of Theron in a single, familiar example. After reading this you'll be well-placed to take on the rest of the tutorial.


File reader Four-part worked example in which we develop a parallel, asynchronous file reading service to demonstrate Theron's capabilities and ease-of-use.

Message registration Introduces registration of message types, a mechanism used to identify message types in network messages (and, optionally, locally).

Client/Server This lesson shows how to write distributed applications using Theron, sending messages between actors executing on physically remote hosts.


Unhandled messages Shows how messages which aren't handled by the actors to which they are sent can be caught and reported.

Custom allocators Shows how to control how Theron allocates its memory by replacing the default allocator with a custom implementation.

Alignment Covers memory alignment, an advanced topic most likely to be useful to users wishing to store hardware-intrinsic types in messages.