Theron - C++ concurrency library

Theron documentation

The basics

This website is bristling with helpful info. If you're still wondering what Theron is, take a look at the user guide for an introduction to the Actor Model and what it means for Theron.

Keen to take a look at some real code? Then head over to the tutorial where we work through the buildable code examples that come with Theron.

Want to get started? The getting started guide will talk you through setting up Theron for your own projects.


If you're already up and running but want to know the specifics, then browse the online API reference. A copy is also included in the download.

There's a page about performance, which is updated occasionally with results for the benchmarks that come with Theron.

Can't find what you're looking for? Maybe it's in the FAQ. If not send me an email and I'll get back to you in person.

The fine print

Wondering about the legal detail? See the licensing page.